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The Entire Lazaris Material is available for Downloading in mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) format.

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Audio selections are often available in CD media format as well.

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Tickets are on Sale June 10 - June 29

A Lazaris

Never Before Rebroadcast Pay-Per-View

The Wonder of Innovation: Transforming Personal Creativity
Intensive and

Enlivening and Embellishing Personal Creativity
Evening with Lazaris


***Please note: There are two different prices for this event depending on whether you purchase through us or through Vimeo, so please read carefully.***

For the One Day Workshop if you purchase through our shopping cart or our office the price is $200 per person;

if through Vimeo the price is $250. You will have until June 29, 2016 to register your coupon with Vimeo.

Co-Creating with Your Soul and Lazaris

(Blending with Lazaris, June 2016)
Available for streaming and downloading

A Vortex of Forever:

Blending with Lazaris

(April 21 2016)
Available for streaming and downloading

The Merlin-Arthur Legend:
Its Importance in our Current World (Excerpt)

Available for streaming and downloading

Rhythms & Patterns of 2016:

The Year of Co-Creation

January - August

Available for downloading and streaming


New Morning and Evening Blendings
Available for downloading

A Talisman Especially Designed
for 2016, The Year of Co-Creation

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    As the future becomes your present, the power and magic of remembering grows more profound, becoming more beautiful and sacred as your life and your magic continue to unfold. Awaken the power and the magic of remembering. Chase its reverie and become an artisan of remembering.

You can find that shimmering thread that guides you to your wholeness and to your Oneness with God/Goddess/All That Is.

You can become the One who shines through the many
-- Lazaris


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