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A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians (Thursday Evening Only)

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Tonight we embark on an adventure, an adventure like no other. It is an adventure that can delight the child and enchant the adolescent in each of you. More, it is an adventure that can delight, enchant, and then grow and change you, the adult – the spiritual adult – in ways that no other adventure can. – Lazaris

So began Lazaris' September 2008 Intensive in Maui. The first evening of that intensive was so beautiful and so powerful that we are making the video version of it available to you. Lazaris begins by exploring the value of human and faerie magicians working magic as one. We can find the greater of our happiness and the grander of our love; we can discover the greater of our dreams and the more daring of our visions. We can also discover the happiness, the love, the dreams, and the visions that we, humans and faeries, share.

From this foundation Lazaris continues the exploration: There is a world – a World of Other – where magic laughs with the wind and dances with the waters. Cradled by the Earth, magic blossoms with the light of each new day's dawn. You call it the Faerie Realm. – Lazaris. He offers a beautiful description of how our two worlds fit into the schematic of reality. Continuing, Lazaris talks of how we, human and faerie magicians, are so alike, yet so different: different boundaries, different acceptable standards, different powers and strengths, different knowing, and yes, different magic.

This evening concludes with an incredible meditation in which we engage a seven-step map to enter the Ether between worlds, are guided by Nature Spirits to a portal to the Faerie Realm, and enter the World of Other and the Realm of Faeries. We meet a faerie magician; we meet our faerie friend. It is powerful. It is poignant. It can be life-changing. The magnificent Entering the Faerie Realm, Meeting Your Faerie Friend Meditation is included.

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Meditation: Entering the Faerie Realm, Meeting Your Faerie Friend

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