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A Collection of Blendings from 2013 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Innovation

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It begins with setting things, new things, in motion. Ours is to infuse that motion with the beauty and the magic of hope. Then we add a bit of ourselves, a bit of our love, a bit of our soul, with the mystery and the majesty of enchantment. Creation and innovation follow and become the fulcrum in the process of our continual growing and changing. The first four years of this decade have set the stage -- our stage to lift our growing and changes to new, innovative levels and our stage for evolving human consciousness and evolving a new world.

Rhythms and Patterns Blendings, 2013: The Year of Innovation

Phase 1. Engaging Hope
Embracing Love

Drifting in the endless sea of forever, let go of the encumbering, the unnecessary, and the imposing. The light of hope gently saturates and fills you and your love shines, brilliant with enchantment. In that spellbinding glow there are two 33-second techniques to bring your wish into your reality.

Phase 2. Encourage Understanding and Embrace Freedom

Walking together in silence in your favorite place in nature, welcoming the nature spirits, you feel the presence of your soul, your spirit, and God/Goddess/All That Is. Through the eyes of your heart, dreams and visions lost long ago are released, and hopes, old and new, slip away "like whispers in the wind." Abundant, creative, alive, and new, you know you are free.

Phase 3. Embellish Wisdom
Embolden Benevolence

In a sacred place of love, beauty, enchantment, and "sweet mystery" blend with Lazaris, and in the hush of a moment, enter sublime peace and ecstasy. Engulfed in Lazaris' love and light, seven rods of light are gently inserted seeding you with new hopes, with clarity and will, with the voices of your creativity and innovation, and with a personal treasure. Then, a 33-second technique: Allow. Receive. Be.

Rhythms and Patterns Blendings,  2013: The Year of Innovation

Phase 4. Enhancing Courage
Empowering Joy

Winding your way deep into the woods, you come upon an immense crystal cluster in a clearing. Proclaim yourself the masterful magician you are. Breathe in the light of new hope. The gift of belonging and the whispers of creativity - you are becoming more of who you are. In two 33-second techniques, Lazaris combines desires, expectations, and imaginations focusing on what you want to create and manifest.

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