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Becoming a Winner at Living Life

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"As much as you win, and you do win often, you are less than the winner you could be." (Lazaris) During this magical evening we can learn to create more and more winning moments in our reality and in our world. More, we can become winners at living life. Lazaris defines the resonance … the secret energy that all winners have; he makes it clear exactly what a winner - a winner at life - really is. Between the resonance and the qualities of winning, we can see our personal way, clear and strong. This is an exciting exploration. Then Lazaris helps us see why we would deny the winner in each of us: addictions to the past, residues of what we carry, wear or drag along with us, lack of momentum, and a lack of celebration and triumph play a major role in all this. In a touching discussion, Lazaris helps us understand what happened to us; he helps us understand why we made a fundamental choice (choice to the 3rd power) to be less that the winner we could have been. What were we trying to find? Love, happiness, to minimize fear, or to end the pain … what was our goal? Lazaris shows us how we made such a long-lasting choice. We have been adhering to it for most of our lives. Then he teaches, step-by-step, how we can make a new choice that is just as powerful. We can choose to be the winner … the winner at living life. This is truly a life-changing chance to become more of who we are. An amazing meditation included.

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Meditation: A New Choice: The Winner's Meditation
Keywords: Winner, Winning, Fundamental, Choice, Past, alienation, celebration, triumph, subconscious, "forbidden zone", power, "amulet-talisman of celebration" "resonance of winning", complexity

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