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Conjuring the Incredible Forces of Alchemy (Meditations to Bring Dreams into Manifestation)

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You are ready to reach beyond your current work of this lifetime to more fully and more dynamically participate in something more -- something more than you can yet imagine and something more than you can yet dream. -- Lazaris

It was a life-changing Congress of Magicians, and three powerful meditations brimming with compassion, love, and magic emerged. Each lifted us and inspired us to do more and to be more. These three meditations are part of a tapestry of alchemy, and they can stand alone as powerful forces in our magical repertoire. Tempering Dreams: The alchemical stages are woven into metaphor as we extract “what is not real, good, and true” from our wishes, desires, and dreams and then infuse them with the magic of transmutation and transformation. Being a Champion: We can heal our pain and suffering and initiate the healing of pain and suffering in the world. This meditation touches the heart and stirs the soul. Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary: Bathed in sublime love, we are taken into levels of love we have never known, and there, through the eyes of our Higher Self, we see ourselves as they see us -- as we are becoming. Out of the ordinary, something extraordinary happens. Three meditations: Intense, touching, and provocative. Now available to download. $44.95 (audio only); $49.95 (video)

(Times: Tempering Dreams 56:23, Being a Champion 41:44, Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary 72:10)

*This title is available for streaming and downloading only.*

Please note: The video download version of this takes longer to download and is $5 more than the audio version.

Music Credits:
* Remember the Love, Divine Presence, Let Me Hold You, Music for Lazaris #3, Dietrich von Oppeln
* Wide Plane, Music for Lazaris #4, Dietrich von Oppeln

The video downloads will play on any personal computer with iTunes or QuickTime installed or on every version of a video capable iPod. (Allow extra time for the download as videos are much larger files than audio.)
Keywords: Alchemy, Manifestation, Dreams, Champion
Meditation: Being a Champion, Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary, Tempering Dreams

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