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Tickets on Sale for two PPVs

November 22 - December 19


One Day Workshop

Human & Faerie Co-Creation:

***Please note: There are two different prices for these events depending on whether you purchase through us or through Vimeo, so please read carefully.***

For the PPV if you purchase through our shopping cart or our office the price is $200 for the Foundations PPV or $550 for the Dialogues PPV Only; if through Vimeo the price is $250 for the Foundations PPV or $600 for the Dialogues PPV Only. You will have until December 19, 2016 to register your coupon with Vimeo.

A Gift from Lazaris

Reaching Beyond:

Lazaris Talks about the 2016 Election

A truly incredible map of magic that we are offering as a free gift to our community.

Rhythms and Patterns of 2016: The Year of Co-Creation, September - December

Available for streaming and downloading

Creating a Healing Moment with Lazaris

(Blending from the September 21 Conference)

Available for streaming and downloading

Imbuing the World With Love and Belonging:

Alleviating its Violence and Rage

(Blending with Lazaris, July 2016)

Available for streaming and downloading

Engaging the Magic of Talismans

How Jach and Lazaris create talismans and

how you can work their magic

Click to view the video

Morning and Evening Blendings:
Two different blendings for each day of the week, 14 wonderful moments with Lazaris

Available for downloading

A Talisman Especially Designed
for 2016, The Year of Co-Creation

Click to purchase and read more.


    Find a sacred hush amid the noise. Stop. Open the eyes of your heart. Be still. Be grateful for the life you are living and for the bounty you create and that you receive beyond creating. Breathe a breath of inspiration - the inspiration to create more and to love more in a world that needs your love and creation. Feel an inexplicable rush of understanding. Let it flow into you like a cascade of vertical knowing.
    Now surrender to this moment. Surrender your sense of separateness and in the symphony of gratitude, let yourself be. Be the essence of gratitude.
~ Lazaris


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