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The Entire Lazaris Material is available for Downloading in mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) format.

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Audio selections are often available in CD media format as well.

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New Culminating One Day PPV:

December 10 - January 4, 2016

Awakening the Weaver Woman,

Culminating One-Day


Lazaris creates a grid:

Sitting with the Ancients:

Healing, Changing, Creating, Loving

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If you purchase through our shopping cart or our office the price is $250 per person. You have until January 4, 2016to purchase a ticket and register your coupon with Vimeo.

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$300 per person.

Rhythms & Patterns of 2016:

The Year of Co-Creation

January - August

Available for downloading and streaming


A Lazaris Blending:

Healing Terrorism's Damage,

A Time of Loving, Healing and Dreaming

(December 2015)
Available for downloading and streaming

The Seven Rituals from the Bounty

and Beauty of Bali

Available in audio or video
for downloading only.

You can purchase these rituals in a special packaged price

or you can purchase each ritual individually.

New Morning and Evening Blendings
Available for downloading

A Talisman Especially Designed
for 2016, The Year of Co-Creation

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Being a Champion of Hope and Gratitude ...

A Lazaris Blending (August 2015)

Online Blending: Creating New Hopes and Dreams

(April 16, 2015)


    Hope. Let it glow. Let it breathe. Imagine hope as a bountiful sphere of radiant light. Reach out to touch. Allow the brilliant sphere to blossom into an effervescent fountain of Luminous Hope, a glorious fountain, a liberating fountain. Free. Be surrounded in swirls of hope; lifted, tossed, tumbled in a Sea of Hope. Free. Reach. Allow. Be -- Lazaris


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