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The Entire Lazaris Material is available for Downloading in mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) format.

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Audio selections are often available in CD media format as well.

Current and Upcoming Workshops Latest Releases

September 17 - October 8

Lazaris Rebroadcast Pay-per-View with Special Pricing

Tickets are on sale now until October 8, 2015.

Enneagram: Forging the New Self

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Once you purchase your ticket and register your coupon you will have 30 days of viewing.

Lazaris Recommends this Pay-per-View

for working with the energies of July through October.

Tickets are on Sale until November 1, 2015.

Matrix of Hope:

Releasing Greater Hope in the World

Lazaris begins by creating a powerful Crystal Grid.

(Time 1 hour, 9 minutes)

Click to purchase your ticket
or go to this url:

Because Lazaris suggested this release during the third phase of the year, July-October, this particular event has a special viewing time of 90 days. You will have 90 days of access from the date you purchase and begin viewing on Vimeo.


Join us for a week long celebration of

Lazaris' anniversary,
with the Weaver Woman Meditation:
Weaving a Tapestry of Hope

Taking Our Place Among the Ancients and Shining Ones of Sirius Equinox Meditation

Remembering 9/11: The Healing Blending


Being a Champion of Hope and Gratitude ...

A Lazaris Blending (August 2015)

Evening with Jach ~ Crystal Adventures and More

(February 2015) (audio and video)

Rhythms and Patterns of 2015:
The Year of Remembering July - December

Online Blending: Creating New Hopes and Dreams

(April 16, 2015)


    What calls you to remember? Is it the burn of curiosity? Perhaps it is the dance of fire and light of a mystery about to reveal itself. Is it the joy of stumbling upon a doorway opening to new vistas, new horizons, and new dreams? What calls you to remember? What touches you and holds you delightfully and tenderly captive in its embrace? -- Lazaris


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