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Escaping the Entrapment of "Perfection"

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The seemingly innocent demand of perfection covers an array of hidden agendas, and produces a devastating chain reaction of competition, control, martyrhood, and self-punishment which results in a life lived always in potentia. It is also one of the most profound nemeses in the search for the Soul and the Soul's Path. Lazaris explores how the demand for perfection is the antithesis of creativity and intimacy -- and how it cultivates competition, comparison, control, and outside validation as a source of self-esteem that is always doomed to fail. Lazaris' solution is a series of screening techniques and interactions with our Higher Self in which they lift the Mantle of Perfection and help us rewire our brain, and he includes a formula for breaking the chain at any of its seven links. In the meditation, the Higher Self transforms the energy of perfection in their hands and gives us the gift it has become. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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Meditation: Meditation for Escaping the Entrapment of "Perfection"
Keywords: Streaming; Download, "Perfection", Perfection, Shame, Hidden Agendas, Failure, Freedom, Negative Ego, Trust, Screen Technique for "Perfection"

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