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Forgiving Yourself

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We are constantly moving toward greater levels of love, but how well we can actually let them in depends on self-forgiveness. To ignite the spark of our Spiritual Journey we need self-love, but we also need forgiveness -- for the things we've done -- and for things we've done that we don't know about -- things hidden and unremembered. Lazaris begins with a meditation to heal the undeservability -- the "unforgivability" -- of the child and adolescent and delineates the child's defense mechanisms and ones the adolescent will have as a result. Then he gives us a seven-step journal process -- the fourth step of which is the magnificent Forgiveness Meditation on this tape -- as a means of effecting forgiveness for any issue, no matter what it is. A magnificent recording. 2 hours...
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Keywords: Forgiveness, Love, Child / Adolescent, Journal Process for Forgiveness
Meditation: Forgiving Yourself Meditation

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