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German Translation Version (Audio Only): Waiting upon the Light of Forgiveness, One-Day Workshop

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Waiting upon the Light of Forgiveness: In the light of forgiveness your imagination soars, and your hopes and dreams become luminous. You can lift, transcendent, and become new. You can become more of who you truly are -- of who you are destined to be. Together, let us bask in the Light of Forgiveness, and in that light, change. Become new. Be more. -- Lazaris

It’s a stunning One-Day workshop that is rich with luminous discussions and alive with four astounding meditation/rituals. Lazaris guides us as we explore: Forgiveness, the Miracle of Magic; The Process of Forgiveness; The Progression of Forgiveness; and The Secrets of Successful Forgiveness. Then the exploration deepens and enters the uncharted with a discussion of that something special, that something more, that lies in the mists and in the mystery found in the liminal, in the between, of the “unforgiven” and the “forgiven.” There, in that liminal, in that between, we can find the Light of Forgiveness. As Lazaris says, “Within it, something dies within you, and something is born or restored . . .. In the Light of Forgiveness, you change.” Such a simple statement yet so powerful, and if we will allow, so profound. Beyond the discussions there were three meditation/rituals: Ancient’s Rite of Forgiveness (self-forgivingness); Sharing the Bounty of Forgiveness (forgiving another); and Awakening Forgiveness in the World.

Then, on another day in Berlin and also in Berchtesgaden, with the two smaller groups of magicians who gathered in each location, there were two addition meditation/rituals. Both of these sensational rituals are included: Standing in the Light of Forgiveness and Awakening the Guardian and Keeper of Forgiveness. This One-Day workshop is a gem and a treasure.

This One-Day workshop, first presented in Berlin, Germany, is now available for downloading only. The German Translation is in audio only and it does not include the two extra rituals

**available for downloading only**

German Translation: Maria Holz

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