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Illuminance of the Unknown: The Underworld, the Causal Plane, and the Imaginal Realm (Intensive Excerpts)

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"In the silent depth of the Unknown, you can discover the most precious and the most treasured truths … precious and treasured because they are your truths and the truths of your Soul and Spirit." - Lazaris

During this journey, Lazaris guides us upon a most amazing adventure. We go to the Underworld - that sliver of resonance where the unconscious becomes conscious before it slips into our world. We will gather what appear as balls of light but which are, in fact, light essences of beauty and ecstasy - our beauty, our ecstasy. Off to the Causal Plane - that realm where all possibility waits in potential - and there, among other things, we will gather what seem to be spheres - globules of light - that are, in fact, expressions of truths that have not yet been brightened by spirit or embellished by soul. Finally, with the balls and globules of light firmly secured, we will enter the Imaginal Realm. In this domain where creation creates itself and imagination imagines itself, we will plant these seeds of light in an enchanting garden. We will be the beneficiaries of our beauty, our ecstasy, and our most precious truths. It is an amazing adventure.

This recording contains the excerpted highlights of this journey. It includes the Friday introduction, the Saturday and Sunday discussions, and a few fascinating “asides” of additional insights and information from Lazaris. It is not the full journey, but it is a powerful reminder for those of us who were with Lazaris in April 2005. It can be a wonderful outline for those who could not attend. Lazaris recorded a special meditation, Gathering the Lights of Beauty, Ecstasy, and Truth, for this recording. We journey to the Underworld and the Causal Plane to collect those spheres and globules of light. 6-1/2 hours.

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Meditation: Gathering the Lights of Beauty, Ecstasy, and Truth
Keywords: Unknown; Underworld; Causal Plane; Imaginal Realm

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