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Loving God/Goddess/All That Is: A Divine Mystery (Evening Only)

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From Lazaris: "Finding your grace can lift you to a higher octave of mystery; it can lift you beyond the peaks of mystery . . . and in that beyond, the ease and elegance of your magic, of your future, and of your life as well as the beauty and richness of your happiness can come as naturally as flight comes to an eagle. Strengthened by your human grace, you can dance with God, with Goddess, you can dance with All That Is, and you can do so with exalted co-creation . . . with co-creation that is overflowing with joy . . . with sacred joy, with gracious joy - with a joy that is endowed by the Divine."

Reminding us that we are no longer technicians but we are masterful magicians whose magic is art, Lazaris weaves an enchanting and magical evening as prelude to a phenomenal culminating weekend. Before we fully get underway, Lazaris offers a Lazaris Blending (recorded). Then we review the basics of human grace, of spiritual grace, and of the grace of magicians. Each is a reservoir from which we can unfold our personal grace. Lazaris offers techniques: The Trine of Value, Maiden/Mother/Crone, and Magic Upon the Mills. And we can find our grace. Even though we cannot label it, we can be the beneficiaries of its bounty and beauty. Then Lazaris explores the dance: Dancing with God/Goddess/All That Is. In an elegant step-by-step approach, what we know of co-creation can become so much more and our magic can become so much more powerful. The evening portion of this incredible weekend concludes with a wonderful meditation. This tape is a treasure.

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Meditation: Finding Personal Grace
Keywords: Grace, Co-Creation

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