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Imbuing the World With Love and Belonging: Alleviating its Violence and Rage (Blending from 7/27/16)

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"Come in out of the flurry and fury. Come in out from under the burning embers of suspicion, anger, fear, hurt, and hate. Come in out of the dark chaos. Come in, dear one, come in. Let us together create a different moment ... a more beautiful moment, and thus, a more powerful moment. Let us create a moment to remember." ~ Lazaris

This healing blending begins by drifting in the knowing that you are loved ... loved beyond all reason, memory and imagination. As you drift in this knowing, you can allow yourself to become free and blend as one with Lazaris. Together, you gather the negative energies so prevalent in the world right now, and in a cauldron, create a turbulent stew of angers, fears, hurts, and blame. You collect up the impatient rage and the violence, the hurt, humiliation and despair, and add these energies to the tempestuous brew. As you gather these from around the world, whether the dark clouds of free-floating, or whether you ask people in the world if you can take theirs, you do not take these energies in yourself but rather throw them into the cauldron to allow them to be transformed.

Then the Sisters of the Cauldron gather, and you turn away as they work their magic to fold in love, understanding and hope. They fold in your knowing that you are loved ... a mixture of the raw energy of love, with its dignity, and the raw energy of belonging. You join them and add your magic, and as you do, something awakens in you ... an unspoken and unrealized magic. You can love as you never have loved before -- as you have never dared to. Awake with mystery and magic, you create an image of something you want for yourself and also for the world, and release it in a 33-second technique. The blending concludes by allowing yourself to step into the cauldron and sink into the magic, and you surrender to the knowing that you are loved ... forever loved.

Keywords: blending, world, violence, rage, healing

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