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On Demand PPV <i>Building Community: Awakening  Grander Love</i>, One Day Workshop

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Special Note: If you attended this event in person or registered for the original Pay-per-View broadcast you will receive a 50% discount for this On Demand PPV broadcast. Your discounted price will be $75.00 per person. If you would like this discount you must call our office to register. Please do not register via our online shopping cart.

Concept: Synergy is delighted to announce an On Demand Pay-Per-View event of Lazaris' One Day Workshop,
Building Community: Awakening Grander Love
. This streaming event will include the full recording from the Los Angeles January 2010 event.

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About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the OnLine Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the OnLine Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

Building Community: Awakening Grander Love

Know that you are loved. Beyond all reason, beyond all memory, beyond all imagination, you are loved. Be lifted by that love. Be lifted beyond its clarity and purity. Be lifted beyond its wisdom. Celebrate the majesty and magnificence of a Grander Love. You can love as you never have loved before; you can love as you have never dared love before. — Lazaris

There are dreamers and vision-makers among us. There are the reality creators: dream weavers, achievers, and doers in our midst. Working together with our friends, seen and unseen, we can blur the boundaries of reality creating magic and manifesting miracles in our lives, for and with each other, and for our world. We can build our personal community, and we can touch and change the global community.

Within the core of such a crafted community -- within the heart of our spiritual family's working together -- there is a transcendent force that can lift our love and expand our magic beyond their current bounds and bonds. It is a force that defies all labels and reaches beyond all boundaries. It is a unique and rare love. Being touched by this Grander Love, we can love in ways we have never known before.

As the new year, the Year of Initiation, begins, it is time for each of us to put our love -- our love, intimacy, and caring -- into action. It is time for each of us to honor our uniqueness and our complexity. As we continue to find our voice and lift it to be heard, it is also time to put our spirituality into action. One of the most powerful ways of doing this can be by building community. The hidden or unknown benefit of this building is the awakening of Grander Love.

Lazaris has designed a special day of love. We can learn technique – magical workings – that can help us create and craft our spiritual community and family: Calling Community, Forming Resonance, Piercing the Veils. We will conclude this magical day with a beautiful ritual: Awakening Grander Love.

A new year begins. Let us begin it by putting our love and our spirituality into action as we gather with the dreamers and vision-makers among us and with the dream weavers, achievers, and doers in our midst. Come enjoy a day of love with Lazaris. Welcome ...

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