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On-Demand  PPV <i>Celebrating Life: Superseding and Surpassing Ourselves</i>, A Congress of Magicians, <br>and <i>Mystical Ritual: Awakening Your Transcendent Self</i>, A Gathering of Magicians (from Blue Ridge 2009)

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Please note: There is a 50% discount on the ticket price for those who attended the physical event or a previous pay-per-view event of this seminar. If you previously attended and would like to receive the previous attendance price ($200) you must register by calling our office at 800-678-2356 or 407-401-8990.

Concept: Synergy is delighted to announce an On Demand Pay-Per-View of Lazaris' Congress of Magicians, Celebrating Life: Superseding and Surpassing Ourselves, and Gathering of Magicians, Mystical Ritual: Awakening Your Transcendent Self. This streaming event will include the full recordings from the Blue Ridge Mountains, June 2009, events.

On Demand PPV Broadcast Date: The start and end dates of your three week access to this event are indicated on your ticket.

Cost: The cost of this Pay-per-View event is $400 per person. Cancellation/transfer fees apply. If you attended this event in person and are also signing up for this Pay-per-View there is a 50% discount on your ticket. If you would like this discount you must call our office to register.

About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the OnLine Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the OnLine Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

A Congress of Magicians Weekend: Celebrating Life: Superseding and Surpassing Ourselves

Let us create a moment, a sacred moment, that can last forever … that can be transcendent. In that moment, new dreams and visions can supersede and the unique and extraordinary can surpass. In that moment, superseding and surpassing yourself, you can become and be more than you've ever dared or hoped you would be. Let us celebrate life. Let's celebrate you.—Lazaris

We can create those special moments with the magic of celebration. In such moments, our magic, our passion and compassion, our dreams and visions, our hopes, and so much more can come alive, restored and renewed. We can reach beyond the limits of our imagination and the constraints of our love. We can stretch beyond the bounds of our power and strength. We can glimpse and grasp more of who we truly are. Our Truer Self can stand tall and proud in those moments. We can be loving, more fully and completely loving, in all that we are doing and in all that we are becoming. Emerging from those moments, we can give without guilt; we can love without fear.

Together with Lazaris, magicians are gathering in the Blue Ridge Mountains to create those special moments, those magical moments, during a celebration: Celebrating Life: Superseding and Surpassing Ourselves. Lazaris has designed a unique series of magical workings to challenge our range of possibilities and potentials and to challenge our dreams and visions.

Within the sacred moments of these days, we can meet and engage our Truer Self who already lives with dominion in the realms of the unique and extraordinary, our Truer Self whose life is already richer and riper with magic and miracles. The conflicts and problems we still anticipate and fear are past incidents that our Truer Self overcame with accomplishment and triumph. Our hopes and dreams are their achievements and celebrations.

During our three-day quest, we will work the magic that we know to supersede: to re-arrange and redesign our priorities, to expand our success and choice cubes, and to create new receptors to welcome our Truer Self and to receive a world that is becoming new.

Beyond the familiar, we will explore three incredible rituals that are seeded in the depths of our spiritual tradition. We will call upon our "grandmothers and grandfathers" of Sirius and Lemuria as we Awaken the Visionary Transcendent Dreamer, Kindle Gracious Generosity and Creativity, and Whet Infusions of the Miraculous.

As with other Congress of Magicians events, these three days are not so much about learning new techniques or about exploring new ideas. Instead we will focus on working the magic we know — on working the magic we might otherwise work alone — and upon doing that magic together with other magicians and together with Lazaris.

Welcome to the magic; welcome to the love. Welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountains to celebrate life superseding and surpassing. Welcome. …

Mystical Ritual: Awakening Our Transcendent Self, A Gathering of Magicians

We can step from the frenzy of activity and the swirl of judgments that surround us and that seems so present in the world. No longer willing to live a life that does not express and reflect more of who we truly are, we can come with courage and resolve. As this Year of Celebration approaches its midpoint, we can come to witness and thus to participate in a beautiful and wondrous working of magic — a Mystical Ritual: Awakening Our Transcendent Self. We can bask in the resonance and absorb the radiance of this amazing evening with Lazaris and with other masterful magicians. It is an elegant prelude to the Congress of Magicians: Celebrating Life: Superseding and Surpassing Ourselves of the following days.

As with other Gatherings of Magicians, this Thursday evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains will be different than an Evening with Lazaris. Rather than the discussions and techniques that characterize Evenings, Lazaris will create an enchanting crystal grid and crystal grid meditation. It can be a sacred time of loving and healing.

If you are attending the Congress of Magicians that begins the next day, you are invited to participate as a guest of Lazaris and Concept: Synergy.

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