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On Demand PPV  <i>Discovering and Exploring Your Path of Personal Freedom: A Unique Vision Quest </i>, Intensive, and Evening, <i>Daring To Be Free: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom</i>

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Please note: There is a special discount of 50% on the ticket price of the On Demand PPV if you participated in the live event or in the previous Pay-per-View of the event. To receive this discount you must register by calling our office at 800-678-2356 or 407-876-4973.

Concept: Synergy is delighted to announce an On Demand Pay-Per-View event of Lazaris' Evening, Daring To Be Free: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom, and Intensive, Discovering and Exploring Your Path of Personal Freedom: A Unique Vision Quest. This streaming event will include the full recording from the Orlando events (Magic Times are excluded). It was broadcast as a PPV April 2008.

On Demand PPV Broadcast Date: The start and end dates of your three week access to this event are indicated on your ticket.

Cost: The price is $450 per person. There is a $25 fee for transfers and cancellations.

A Lazaris Intensive, Discovering and Exploring Your Path of Personal Freedom: A Unique Vision Quest

It can offer more than hope can hold. To be free … limited only by the constraints of your soul and spirit, harnessed only by the reins of purity and clarity … to create, to give … to love with the spontaneity of your grace … a Divine gift, an Ancient's discovery, and a magician's ideal: a hope not yet realized.
It can offer more than hope can hold. It's time to be free.— Lazaris

It is not a path that we have abandoned. It is a gift we have not received, a discovery we have not allowed, and an ideal … an ideal we have not yet dared to fully dream, create, or manifest. It is a mysterious path that can lead to magnificent, spontaneous, and miraculous change. We can change; our world and the world around us can change.

The lofty ideal of personal freedom can become our reality as we unfold our own path to it; the path to personal freedom is wholly our own. If we will open our hearts and minds, allow our imaginations to soar, and if we will set our souls and spirits free, our personal path can yield so much more than we might expect. It can “offer even more than our hope can hold.”

Upon our unique path to personal freedom our achievements and accomplishments can shine more brightly and our happiness and joy can grow richer with greater fulfillment. Upon this path our successes and our dreams can manifest with greater elegance and ease and with greater verve or aplomb. We can discover a renewed and greater enthusiasm for living and loving life. And our capacities to love and to heal can leap exponentially.

This vision quest is unique. Embraced in Lazaris’ love and wisdom, we will begin by entering the Underworld to touch remnants of lifetimes past to remember: to remember what we once lost and to remember what we once found of freedom. With these first fragments in hand we will journey into The Valley of Giants to work with the Archetypes. Empowered by their presence and their gifts we will move on to encounter and work with our Future Self. The magic we work together can be as astounding as it is poignant and touching. Eventually we will Slip the Bounds of Space/Time, entering the august realms of the more real to Sit with God/Goddess/All That Is.

And all the while, together with Lazaris and other Unseen Friends we will discover and explore. We will craft, create, and build this gift of God/Goddess/All That Is and this magician’s ideal. We can dream it into being. Along the way, treasures abound. Along the way, love flourishes.

Welcome to the first Lazaris Intensive of 2008. Welcome to a magical excursion beyond compare. Welcome to a time of loving and healing that reaches beyond the realm of words. Welcome and let’s be free.

An Evening with Lazaris,
Daring To Be Free: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom

Freedom is mysterious. At once it is innate within your nature, and in the same moment
it is something you must fight to find, to hold, and to protect.
Freedom is a gift of God/Goddess/All That Is; it is also a prize you must win and attend to with
vigor and courage as well as with love.
You must allow yourself to receive this gift and legacy, and you must be willing to fight for it.
Freedom … it's a mystery. — Lazaris

Within mystery there is power; within mystery there is magic. As we unravel the mystery of freedom, we can be the beneficiaries of Freedom’s Power and of Freedom’s Magic. Within paradox, there are incredible forces of creativity and creation. Within the paradox of freedom — a gift to receive that is also a prize to fight for and win — we can avail ourselves of the incredible Force of Freedom.

With Freedom’s Power, Freedom's Magic, and the Force of Freedom we can create greater success and happiness, and we can generate grander love and greater healing in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Lazaris has designed a special evening to unlock that power, that magic, and that incredible force … to unlock freedom, the gift — and freedom, the prize. As we enter the mystery and plumb the depths of paradox, we will find our own resistance: why freedom frightens us.

We will also find the combustible ingredients — qualities within our nature — so that we can dare … so we can dare to be free. And amid it all we can ignite the fires of personal freedom. And the flames can grow strong and they can shine bright. Welcome to an amazing evening of mystery, wonder, and love. Welcome to an evening of magic.

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About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the OnLine Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the OnLine Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

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