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On Demand PPV <i>Embracing Your Passions: Allowing Luminous Dreams To Come Alive</i>, Intensive, and <i>Emerging Magic: Chaos, Creativity, and Hope</i>, Evening with Lazaris

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Please note: There is a special discount of 50% on the ticket price of this On Demand PPV if you participated in the live event or in the previous Pay-per-View of this event. To receive this discount you must register by calling our office at 800-678-2356 or 407-876-4973.

Concept: Synergy is delighted to announce an On Demand Pay-Per-View event of Lazaris' Intensive, Embracing Your Passions: Allowing Luminous Dreams To Come Alive and An Evening with Lazaris, Emerging Magic: Chaos, Creativity, and Hope. This streaming event will include the full recording from the Los Angeles, April 2011 events.

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About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the OnLine Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the OnLine Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

Embracing Your Passions: Allowing Luminous Dreams To Come Alive
A Lazaris Intensive
from the Los Angeles, CA, April, 2011 events

Hope inspires dreams. It gives breath and light to dreams, luminous dreams that are rich with spirit and wild with imagination, lustrous dreams that are overflowing with life. Hope inspires visions, visions that are tempered by Soul and teeming with wisdom, splendid visions that reach for futures yet to unfold. Dreams and visions are essential for the survival of humankind. Hope is essential to dreaming and visioning. We extend the light of hope to you: As you embrace your passions, your dreams, your luminous dreams, can come alive. Let us love together. Let us hope as one. — Lazaris

Amid the flurry of our passions, there are many secrets waiting to entice and entreat us. There are countless treasures eager to release their bounty.

  When we reach beyond the passions we know and slip beyond our apprehensions and impedances, a mystical portal opens: We can embrace an illusive and mysterious passion that has no other name than our Passion for Life.

Too often lost or denied, it is our greatest passion, the passion offering a bounty and abundance far beyond our beliefs and our imagination. It is the passion that holds the secrets and treasures to Primordial Hope: hope that sparks initiation and inspiration, hope that can be our liberator, herald, and guide.

Triggering and igniting our Passion for Life, conjuring and illuminating Primordial Hope, our Luminous Dreams can come alive. There need be no boundary to what we can accomplish, and the horizons of achievement can be without limit.

Our lives, our worlds, can crackle with excitement. A new air of wonder, magic, and miracles can abound. We can ignite the fires of a world becoming new. We can become a light shining bright and brighter. Brilliant.

Lazaris has designed a mystical excursion as he extends the light of hope to us. We will begin by untangling our erroneous presumptions about and judgments of our personal passions, and we will embrace our passions in a beautiful adaptation of an ancient ritual: Fires Ignited, Passions Entreated. We will move forward with another powerful ritual, Dancing with the Muse, as we stir and ignite our Lost Passions (passions we have lost, forgotten, or never knew we had). Then, with a bit of loving magic, our Passion for Life can come alive. Lost Passions and our Passion for Life can come alive ... and so can we.

Then something miraculous happens: Alive with passion, we can give birth to Primordial Hope. The divine hope once given to us at birth, the divine hope that died, and the hope that is the seminal seed for all expressions of hope in us, in our world, and in the world, can be lifted, resurrected or born anew, from the recesses of passion. It can come alive and be bountiful. Our Luminous Dreams can come alive ... without boundaries, with new horizons, with cracklings of wonder, magic, and miracles.

Welcome to this stunning intensive with Lazaris as the Year of Hope unfolds. As Lazaris says, "Come let us love together; come let us hope as one."

Emerging Magic: Chaos, Creativity, and Hope
Evening with Lazaris,

It is time to unleash the enchantment and the grace of your magic, allowing your imagination to soar and your wisdom to spiral beyond the bounds and boundaries. —Lazaris

Stagnation or freedom, feeling resentment or being bored, recoiling or retreating ... As our world is ripe with chaos, it is important, perhaps critical, that we align our caring and compassion. It is time to unleash our magic and to allow our imaginations to soar.

Lazaris offers us an amazing evening of love and magic so that we can use the chaos, the chaos around us and within us, to spark our creativity and to ignite our hope. There are Alchemical Seeds of Transformation within each. We can embrace chaos and creativity, and out of one and within the other, we can find the sources and resources of a new depth, a new level, of our magic -- of our newly-emerging magic.

We can take Dominion over Chaos and Harness Creativity; our imagination and wisdom can blossom. Adding to the mix, our hope can be tempered by the luminous hope of our soul and spirit. Our emerging magic can become transcendent.

This delightful evening is the next step as we enhance our rapport and mature our relationship with hope. It is also a superb prelude to embracing our passions to allow our luminous dreams to come alive.

Welcome as we reach beyond the bounds and boundaries. ... Welcome ...


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