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On Demand PPV <i>Encountering the Unspoken: Healing Pain (Intensive) and New Dimensions of Success: Awakening Goodness, Truth, and Beauty (Evening)</i>

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Our Price: $450.00
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Please note: There is a special discount of 50% on the ticket price of this On Demand PPV if you participated in the live event or in the previous Pay-per-View of this event. To receive this discount you must register by calling our office at 800-678-2356 or 407-401-8990.

This streaming event comes from the San Francisco event and excerpts from the Orlando event. Magic Times are excluded to protect individual privacy and confidentiality. It was broadcast as a PPV in September 2007.

On Demand PPV Broadcast Date: The start and end dates of your three week access to this event are indicated on your ticket.

Cost: $450.00 per person. This is for the Intensive, Encountering the Unspoken: Healing Pain, and the Evening with Lazaris: New Dimensions of Success: Awakening Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. There is a $25 transfer/cancellation fee.

Encountering the Unspoken: Healing Pain, Intensive

It was never meant to be so painful … and yet it is. Unspoken, pain becomes more debilitating and damaging. Unspoken, it not only hurts, it grows. No. It was never meant to be this painful … and it does not have to be. You can heal your pain. Yes, you can heal your pain. And you can make the maps. Yes. You can make the maps for others to heal their pain as well. There can be less pain in your world … and there can be less pain in the world. Come. Let us encounter the unspoken together. Let us encounter your pain. Oh, dear one, we come to work magic with you, and we come to work a bit of magic for you. We love you. We love you so. — Lazaris

Pain hurts. Pain shackles our minds and our hearts. It crushes our spirits and imprisons our souls. Separating, alienating, isolating, pain defeats us.

Yet, free of pain, we can dream miraculous dreams and manifest them with new found elegance and aplomb. Our spirits can soar and our souls can breathe … we can be free with intensity and dignity.

Free, our passion and compassion, and the magic of hope, can flourish. Free, we can be about our current and future work. We can find our new directions as we develop our new dimensions and depths of destiny. Free of pain, we can stand tall and proud. We can lift our voices and we can be heard.

With his incredible and ever-present love, Lazaris has developed a beautiful and loving excursion of discovery and of healing. Working together with our Higher Self, wrapped in love, we can safely journey with Lazaris into the realms of the spoken – the pain we know — and then into the uncharted depths of the unspoken — the pain we live.

Along the way we can work magic … some that we know and some that is new. And we can allow Lazaris not only to work magic with us, but also to work magic for us. Some of the journey will be familiar, and there will be delightful surprises as well. Together we will explore the True Nature of Pain, the Synergy of Pain, and the Challenge of Pain. We will plumb the depth of our personal resistance to encountering and then to healing our pain. Within the uncharted, we will work with Retrieving Our Lost Soul and with Discovering Unrealized Power, Strength, and Talent. We can uncover Miracles Beyond Pain.

Welcome to a touching adventure — a magical excursion overflowing with greater love and with grander healing. We can heal our pain, and there can be less pain in the world. Welcome . . .

New Dimensions of Success: Awakening Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, An Evening with Lazaris

There is something lost . . . lost within the depths of your beauty, the folds of your truth, and in the recesses of your goodness. There, in no more than a fragile moment, a rare magic shimmers. In that moment and with that magic, beyond the familiar, new dimensions of possibilities and potentials unfurl and understanding can be born. -- Lazaris

With Lazaris as our guide, we can immerse ourselves in an evening of love and magic. We can awaken our beauty and our goodness and truth. With that awakening, we can reach beyond the familiar to find new dimensions of success – unparalleled, unprecedented, or uncompromising success. With that awakening, we can capture that rare magic lost in the depths, folds, and recesses. In a moment, that shimmering magic can become a seed of understanding that can be both fuel and light for superseding and surpassing.

We know much of beauty with its joy and peace, its exhilaration and serenity. We know less of goodness and truth, but the words flow easily. Perhaps all three words flow too easily. Beyond the poetic sounds and the easy flow of the words, our experiences of our own beauty and of our goodness and truth are often diminished, diluted, or lost. Any magic within the depths, folds, and recesses remains dormant and is lost as well.

Welcome to a stunning evening, another step in unraveling the mystery of understanding. Welcome to an evening of awakening and revealing . . . revealing a greater depth of our personal goodness and truth and a greater reverie for our private beauty. In this depth and reverie, a shimmering magic comes alive and we can become and be more and more understanding. Welcome.

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Our cancellation policy: Please note that any cancellations need to be arranged before or during the actual broadcast dates. Any cancellation requests during the broadcast time frame will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a cancellation/transfer fee depending upon the reason for cancellation. Any potential refunds will be decided upon at the time of cancellation. Once the broadcast dates have ended, no refunds or credits will be available.

About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the OnLine Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the OnLine Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

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