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On Demand PPV<i> A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians</i>, Intensive from Maui

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Our Price: $600.00
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Please note: There is a special discount of 50% on the ticket price of this On Demand PPV if you participated in the live event or in the previous Pay-per-View of this event. To receive this discount you must register by calling our office at 800-678-2356 or 407-876-4973.

Concept: Synergy is delighted to announce an On Demand Pay-Per-View event of Lazaris' Maui Intensive, A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians. This streaming event will include the full recording from the Hawaii 2008 event including most magic times.

On Demand PPV Broadcast Date: The start and end dates of your three week access to this event are indicated on your ticket.

Cost: The price of this PPV event, A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians, is $600 per person.

About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the OnLine Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the OnLine Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians, Intensive

There is so much that each — human and faerie that shares this Earth — can learn from each other and heal together. There are just so many miracles …
Come. Let us celebrate — commit, honor, and commemorate — a union of magicians. Let us celebrate — come to make sacred — a union of love. — Lazaris

Lazaris invites both humans and faeries to a bountiful feast — a bountiful feast of magic. He invites us — both human and faerie — to actively participate in two extraordinary rituals, two exceptional workings of magic: A Union of Magicians and A Union of Love.

With this esoteric invitation something stirs within us, and we don't fully understand why. There are memories somewhere … almost lost, they come back to us — human and faerie alike — as though lifting from some forgotten recess within our hearts. Human and faerie magicians … we don't always know why, but we do know, and we are drawn together and to each other; we are drawn to the Great Work that we share.

As we respond to the stirring and as we listen to that almost-lost voice within us, Lazaris offers to guide us through the worlds of Other into the faerie realm. Once there we can create — rekindling or making for the first time — empowering friendships and rewardingly intimate relationships. We can find the beauty and the wonder of what draws us, humans and faeries, to our magics and to each other.

During this bountiful feast of magic, as we prepare for the rituals and the magical workings, we can create a synergy of spirituality and magic. We can create a synergy of love and healing. We can bring the better of being human and the better of being faerie together creating a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts: a greater spirituality and a greater magic with grander love and grander healing. During our bountiful feast, we can find the mystery of freedom. We can find the power and the magic of being free.

Human and faerie, we can bind together in an alignment of hearts. We can bond in commitment, conviction, and loyalty. We can create union, a sacred union.

A Union of Magicians: Greater happiness, transcendence (the epitome of changing and growing), metamorphosis (the ultimate of visions and dreams) … these can be ours. Beginning, continuing, and never-ending, we can know these, and we can have them more and more in our lives now. We can find harmony and peace. We can find wholeness and oneness. Each is within our reach; each is within our grasp.

A Union of Love: We can mend and heal. We can forgive and be forgiven. We can love … we can be loved as we only hoped that sometime we would. We can be loving as only we imagined that someday we could. Each, in our own worlds, can make the maps we are now destined to make. Together, upon our shared Earth, we can take another giant's step in our individual and shared Great Work.

We can triumph with what our respective consensus realities tell us we should not even dare dream. We can — human and faerie — each be beneficiaries in our respective worlds. The world we share can triumph as well.

Lazaris extends an invitation to participate in a beautifully unique intensive and in two extraordinary rituals: A Union of Magicians and A Union of Love. We feel the stirring. We hear the call. Welcome.

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