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The  Dawning of Your Day: The Mapmaker's Dream (Evening Only)

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Welcome to a world that by your hand — by your presence and your grace — is becoming new. — Lazaris

Freedom is the key. It is time to ignite our personal fires of freedom, to stir the allure of freedom, and to open new portals to freedom so that we can seal our rapport and our relationship with freedom and create our alliance — our personal alliance — with freedom. Lazaris begins by exploring the light and dark sides of freedom evidenced in two current crises. We are witnessing and experiencing a celebratory crisis of hope with the presidential election in the United States and a tumultuous crisis of fear with the current global economic conditions. Both crises touch our lives; both are reflections of our changing future. Both are mystical and magical opportunities to chart our new course at the dawning of our day. This evening unfolds as Lazaris lays out the map for a phenomenal working of magic, a cornerstone in our pursuit not only of having freedom but also of yearning and longing to be free. We can create a metaphorical cauldron composed of our framework (memories, myths, dreams, and visions) and our radiance (resonance, abundance, balance, and momentum). Warmed by our personal fires of freedom, fueled by the seductive allure of freedom, and tended by our Future Self, we can dance with our Soul and Spirit; we can make peace with our ghost — our duende. Out of this working of magic we can emerge bold and new … bold and new … ready to craft a personal Mapmaker's dream, bold and new, ready to live and to love life anew. A magnificent meditation, Creating the Cauldron of Change, is included.

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Keywords: cauldron, freedom, dawning of our day, mapmaker's dream
Meditation: Creating the Cauldron of Change

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