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The Grand Awakenings of Ancient Crystals as Experienced by Jach Pursel

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“There was no escape and there was little time. The magician would enter a deep altered state with this grand crystal firmly gripped in hands … The magician‘s head slowly lowered to rest upon one primary face after another. The wisdom and knowing, the freedom and joy, the caring/compassion, and magic were systematically transferred from magician to crystal. When the authorities broke down the barriers they would find a magician slumped over a crystal. The magician was dead; the capture, though successful, was a failure. … Only days later would a young child retrieve this crystal. For reasons they could not explain, the child would rest their head upon the successive primary faces. Coming as a child, this young one would return as a magician … with the wisdom and knowing, the freedom and joy, the caring/compassion, and the magic of a Sage …”
From … The Guardian of the Records …

From Jach Pursel:
The process of my working with crystals has evolved over the years. [smile] Now, a huge bunch of crystals are brought into my workroom. Though they are not of my keeping, I am their temporary guardian, “guardian” meaning custodian charged with protecting their honor and integrity. When I am ready to work with them, I quietly enter that room as though it were a sanctuary. Then I wander around the room and explore the various crystals that are there. Some seem to speak to me right away. Once it‘s time, I have those four or five segregated off by themselves. I then sit with one and do what I have learned to do from Lazaris. I welcome it. I work it. I touch it, admire it, and talk to it … until … it touches me, admires me [smile], and talks to me.

Once it begins to talk to me, I listen. Now, I know I hear them in different ways from most people who have rapport with crystals. I know that because Lazaris channels through me, the crystals talk to me in a different way. I think they do it out of respect for Lazaris. I think it‘s a gift that I have … a talent … I say talent, meaning a gift from God/Goddess/All That Is. When I say talent, I mean a balance and synergy of personal power and strength. I know I have a gift for channeling and I think that I have a gift for communicating with crystals.

Well, anyway, they speak to me. When they begin to speak, I listen. I listen for a long time. And then in a rush, I begin typing what they are telling me about themselves, where they have been, what they have done.

Sometimes I spend an hour with a crystal. Sometimes only 30 minutes. And then there are those that I end up waiting upon for days. They are sometimes the most intriguing. [smile] The whole thing happens in a delicious altered state. I can spend 8 to 10 hours working with the crystals and not realize it. The day or evening is a blur. I have to remember to eat during those marathons. I love it.

It is one of the most fun things I do. [smile]
Keywords: Crystals, Ancient Ones, Lemuria, Atlantis

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