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Transforming Personal Fear into Amazing Success

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Deep within the core of our unique personal fear is a secret, a clue to who we are and to our destiny. Locked in our personal fear is an immensity of energy that can become a surging force for success. Fear, the non-local emotion that threatens on all four levels -- physical, emotional, mental and etheric -- has to be handled spiritually. Lazaris helps us identify the "fueling pattern" of our personal fear and gives us specific tools, including: Talking to the Objector / Protector, Talking to the Dream Stealer, Talking to the Shadow, and the "Fear Bundle" Technique. With a profoundly liberating meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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Meditation: Meditation for Transforming Personal Fear into Success
Keywords: Streaming; Download, Fear, "Fear Bundle" Technique, Shadow Self, Success, Martyrhood / Self-Pity, Perfection, Abandonment, Objector / Protector, Dream Stealer, Pattern of Fear

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